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What To Store And What To Take?

International relocation to Switzerland 

Chances are that you have changed homes at least once in your life. It’s a common event that comes to us sooner or later. Sometimes mom or dad have to move for work and the whole family follows them, sometimes the house is too small for you and your brothers so you’re going to a bigger place, or it could happen that you want to live away from your parents, have your own home, get married... and you also have the less happy events, like divorces, passings or economical crisis.

Whatever the reason is, if you have been there before, you should know about how hard it can be. Not only can it be emotionally challenging, because you might be leaving wonderful memories and precious places behind - even people you love - but the costs in money, time and energy are very high. It should be worth it, after all that’s why you’re doing it, but moving is definitely something you should think through before engaging in such an endeavour.

If national relocations are costly and difficult enough, what about international relocation? All the paperwork needed, adapting to a new culture and/or language, changing jobs and schools, shipping all your belongings or starting from scratch, finding a place to live... Yet many people choose to leave the UK every year pursuing a new life abroad, and the numbers are even growing every day. Now, why would Britons want to become expats and relocate to some other country? Why would they want to engage in such a tiring and complicated thing so they can leave their homeland behind?

Why leave the UK?

There is no such thing as a pefect country, even if some countries have better press than others. Truth is, living in the United Kingdom can be very challenging, especially if you are radicated in a big city like London. Britons have been facing some problems lately, which are a result of their political and economical decisions in the context of a world that’s changing and struggling. As it happens with all changes, some sectors are getting a benefit while others suffer the consequences. As a result, the flow of British expats that relocate to other countries is on the rise.

Many report work and economical challenges to be a top reason for leaving the UK. It is true that it has become harder to cover all expenses, with property value soaring, prices getting higher left and right, and an increasing dificulty to find well paid jobs. Cheap workforce and market saturation are among the causes of this. The situation isn’t as easy as "rise everyone’s salaries so they can pay for their stuff" because in some sectors the increase in minimum wage would actually cost people their jobs since company owners won’t pay that much to all of them. With housing costs on the rise and less chances to find the job they need, Britons are starting to look beyond the ocean in the search for a place where they can have the life they want.

International removals companies now working

Understandably, an increase in the flow of British expats means that international removals companies in the UK are experiencing a rise in their activity. According to official figures, the country where most Britons decide to relocate using these companies’ services is the United States, followed by Australia and a few EU countries including Spain, France, Germany and Italy. Since the volume of British population in those countries is rising, expats are seeing improvements in services dedicated to them, better healthcare for UK expats in Spain being one of the latest additions.

Removals companies are busy today providing all required services to British expats, and this trend doesn’t seem to slow down in the near future. Firms like MoveCorp even offer a complete removals service with paperwork advice, storage and wrapping & packing, which are some of the thing that most people ask for. Since demand is increasing, removals companies need to become more competitive so as not to loose advantages, and it wouldn’t be odd that some new removals companies appear in the market in the near future.

As all market trends, this is a flow that comes and goes, and it is difficult to forsee how long this will last. For now, removals companies are enjoying a rise in their activities thanks to the curren situation of the UK. Even the Brexit would be beneficial for them since quite many Britons would be forced to move back to the UK. We can only wait and see what will happen in the future and how it will affect the work of removals companies. There are plenty of stoage centers in wales also so if you are stuck and not able to take everything on the first trip, dont panic.

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What To Store And What To Take

What To Store And What To Take


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