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We are a betting site controlled by the Betting Control and Licensing Board in Kenya. Our business is duly registered and works in compliance with the law. We operate above and beyond the set ethical standards as we provide various types of betting services for different sports.

Our range of services spans various types of betting in sports. We also provide betting support services by giving expert analysis before games and giving odds to our clientele. 

Customer First

All our systems are efficient to offer you the best experience as you choose to back your team. We believe in giving the best support and this includes prompt response to queries. Our customer support is always ready to provide the best help. 

We also run a well-maintained betting infrastructure and provide access to all information to help you. Our betting structures are designed to suit different budgets, so opt to place bets at prices that favor you. This applies to all sports covered in our portfolio.

Quick Service

It is easy to set up an account and start betting. All you need to do is fill out a few details and register online then the account becomes operational.

Our betting platform is designed for easy navigation and use. You can easily find the games that interest you by simply searching the relevant sport, scrolling to the country where the game is being played and choosing the right option. 

If you place a bet, and for some reason you can’t follow it, our live match feature provides live updates to keep you posted about your favorite team. After the match, our system provides you with an instant notification of the result. If you have won, you receive the money straight to your wallet as soon as the game ends.

Convenient Payment

It is easy to top up your wallet on our website when looking to place a bet. We have also made it possible so that winners can withdraw winnings from their wallets instantly. Our secure system also guarantees the safety of your deposits and winnings.

Our automated system can access information from a wide array of countries, leagues, and sports. It brings all the action live to you so that you can choose your preferred teams and decide to back them. Then you can follow the action as it unfolds.

Betting Options

We offer multiple betting options. This includes predicting the scores for each team or player, predicting the final result or a mixture of all the possibilities. Once you have set up your account and selected the team or game, you get to see all the options and make your choices.

You can track the status of all your bets by using the live feature and selecting the game in play. The times are adjusted to your local time zone so you can know exactly when the game starts and ends. Some pre-game services that you can use include statistics which guide you on recent performances.

Betting on multiple games is another option, it is also easy to track each game even if they run concurrently. They all run live so that you don’t need to open many tabs on your phone or computer, you will have all the action on one screen. 


Gallt Glyn Sports; Your Reliable Kenyan Sports Betting Site

Convenient Wallet

Track your balances and get instant notifications on the go. This way you can manage your funds better and know if a game ended in your favor. All winnings are instantly sent to the account after each game and you can track all activity by simply checking your history. Our withdrawal options are also flexible so that you can manage funds at your convenience.

Expert Analysis

With the best sports pundits as well as detailed statistics, you get all the support and insight you need to make the best choices on which teams to back. Expert tips are based on unbiased analysis and objective study of current events in each sport. They help reduce surprises.

Responsible Gaming

We advocate for responsible gaming to ensure that our clients get the best experience and do it responsibly so that we can prosper together. We promote community activities that inform people on how to make responsible choices as they cheer their favorite teams.

Local Sports

We are experts in local and international sports and we give you the ability to follow your local team and support it all the way. Our live coverage and knowledge of local sports is unparalleled making us the best option for local betting.

Reliable, Entertaining, Rewarding: Guarantees with Gallt Glyn Sports


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